How to Read People Like a Book: A Guide to Speed-Reading People, Understand Body Language and Emotions, Decode Intentions, and Connect Effortlessly (Communication Skills Training)

By: Williams, James W.

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Do you want to learn how to read people? Do you want to walk into a room and instantly have a good idea of what the people around you are really thinking?

James has always been captivated with body language and how it affected communication. Shows like "CSI" or "The Mentalist" or "Lie to Me" have always fascinated him because these shows talk about body language, how people communicate verbally, and how knowledge of these things can lead to having a slight edge in life.

You will understand how unconscious decisions of people turn into conscious predictions and conclusions by people who know exactly what to look for. It's easier than you think, and it is definitely fascinating.

In How to Read People Like a Book we will go deep into exploring body language not just to understand people - but to also connect with them. After all, why do we find the need to interpret and understand what people say and do? Because we want to connect with them, create relationships, and be part of a community. How to Read People Like a Book will teach you to better understand people through verbal and non-verbal reading skills, thereby allowing you to better function as a part of a growing community.

Here are some of the things you will discover:

  • How exactly will reading body language help you, and how accurate is it really - The myths and facts so you'll know exactly what to look for going in.
  • The different personality types and how they affect behavior - Not everyone has the same mannerisms, gestures, and characteristics when outside. You will become aware of the existence of these different personality types in order to adjust to their various temperaments.
  • The differences between an extrovert and an introvert - The basic personality characterizations that you need to know about and will predict how you can best communicate with these people.
  • The different communication styles and what should you be using in different settings - Remember, you always want to create just the right amount of impression when meeting someone, whether new or old.
  • The secret factors that motivates people into doing things - This small, unseen and unfelt motivation is the primary moving factor for people's behaviors. If you can decipher that, then you can figure out the messages their behaviors are trying to tell you.
  • Verbal communication and how to dig deeper or read between the lines.
  • The art of thin-slicing - Allowing you to make accurate judgments based only on thin slices of a pie.
  • Exploring YOUR personality and how YOU, uniquely, can make connections with people and forge relationships without veering away from who you really are.

And much more...

Being connected with people and forging strong friendships is one of the hallmarks of a successful life. This book will show you how to be able to grab life by the horns and achieve your full potential when it comes to people - forging friendships and social ties that will last for a life-time

So if you're ready, click "Buy now" and learn how YOU can read people like a book too

Title: How to Read People Like a Book: A Guide to Speed-Reading People, Understand Body Language and Emotions, Decode Intentions, and Connect Effortlessly (Communication Skills Training)

Author Name: Williams, James W.

ISBN-13: 9798626717518


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Book Condition: Good

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